Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#528. Best School Year Ever

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jul 20 13:46:16 PDT 1998 by Literature Chatboard- Shelley and Amy ().
Materials Required: varied
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Literature extensions

Best School Year Ever

Re: Best School Year Ever
Posted by Shelley/4/OK, on 7/13/98

I use The Best School Year Ever to start my 4th graders off. They love the book. I have
written my own questions to the book. One way to do this is: Let the students write some
for you! After reading a chapter, ask each student to write down 3 questions in complete
sentences.(This really helps with their comprehension.) You may want to tell them to
begin the sentences with either, what, why or how. I model the first chapter with them on
the OH to show them what kind of questions. I like facts, and opinions. I add a couple if I
need to. They use these to study for the comprehension test at the end. I also have them
make a "Compliments for Classmates" album where each child has a page and it is added
to as we progress through the book. Each time a child portrays a helpful trait, is
thoughtful to another etc. it is written in the album. I will assign a "scribe" this year to
record for me probably. (Give their page to them when finished with book) We make
character charts to show how the main characters change and talk about why they change.
We illustrate favorite chapters. At the end of the book, as a class we list the major events
(I type their statements) and each student illustrates the page of their choice (draw names
if they want the same one). We put it together as a class book. I laminate it and I have
some wonderful "books" they love to reread! Hope this helps!

Re: Best School Year Ever
Posted by Amy/4/IL, on 7/14/98

I also use Best School Year Ever with my 4th graders. I create my own questions and
connect it to character education. We discuss character traits such as kindness, honesty,
courage, and friendship and the kids find examples of the various traits in each chapter. I
actually used the book at the end of last year because that's when I got the books, but it
will be an excellent book to start the year and introduce my character education program.
I also use the book Best Christmas Pageant Ever and the kids make life-size Herdmans out
of paper. They write information on little cards about each character and display those
next to the characters in the hall. They loved that! Hope this helps! (I also hope I did this
right because I've never posted anything before!!!)

Re: Best School Year Ever-Life-Size Herdmans!!
Posted by Shelley/4/OK, on 7/15/98
Amy! You are officially a netter now!! Be careful I have gotten addicted to this thing! So
many terrific Ideas! Can you explain what you do with the life-size Herdmans? How? That
sounds fun! My students love the Herdmans!! I am thinking about having a "Herdman"
dress-up day so we can really get into the book!! Thanks

Re: Best School Year Ever-Life-Size Herdmans!!
Posted by Amy/4/IL, on 7/15/98

Shelley- The kids trace each other to make the life-size Herdmans. I put them into groups
and each group concentrates on one character. They find out as much information about
that character as possible to make the details (clothing, hair, etc.) as accurate as possible. I
made a banner on my computer that says "Meet the Herdmans" to go above the
characters. Is this what you were asking?