Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#529. Corduroy

Literature, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jul 20 13:56:30 PDT 1998 by Literature Chatboard - Peachy and Djinn ().
Materials Required: varied
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Literature Extension

Post: Please add ideas for Corduroy/Here are a few

Posted by Peachy on 6/12/98
Before reading the book, show the children a piece of
corduroy material. Check to see if anyone is wearing
corduroy clothes. Have the children describe how it looks
and feels.
-Use buttons for math activities: count them, sort and
classify, create patterns, estimate the number of buttons in
a jar.
-Read the book, Buttons, Buttons by Creative Teaching Press.
There is also a floor puzzle that you can buy that goes with
-Make teddy bear pancakes or biscuits.

Re: Please add ideas for Corduroy/Here are a few
Posted by Djinn on 6/14/98
-have everyone bring in their favorite Teddy or cuddle toy.
-graph the toys by attributes
- have a Teddy Bear Picnic
- Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Polar Bear,Polar Bear.
-create a class book - have each student draw his/her Teddy and generate a sentence.
-Read the Pooh's Opposite Book and have students act out the opposites.
- make a "pocket" on construction paper - have students draw and cut out what they
would carry in their pocket.
-create a whole class pocket poem for a "pocket chart".
-create a "sewing" center using large buttons and string - students can sew buttons or
string them in patterns.
-make class books using buttons, bears, and pockets for your book shapes.( this can go
into a literacy center for a literature response.)
- sponge paint circles(buttons) bears, and squares(pockets).
-give a guided drawing lesson - draw a bear (start by showing children that all things are
made up of shapes).
- Read "We're going on a Bear Hunt" by Michael Rosen.