Grade: all
Subject: Language

#533. Magnetic English

Language, level: all
Posted Tue Jul 21 07:25:17 PDT 1998 by Samantha (
Bean Station School, Bean Station, USA
Materials Required: 1 pack of Business Card Mangets, magnet board, and imagination!
Activity Time: Can be adjusted to fit any time table.
Concepts Taught: This lesson can be used to cover any subject material.

Purpose: To allow student to have indep. practice or review practice with subject material. This particular one will be English.

Instructions: Type out the information you would like the student to review in a font of 24. If one was studying types of sentences or punctuation, for example, you would type out sentences and punctuation marks. After you print the material, cut them into strips that will fit on the business card. The business card will have a sticky side, so no glue is needed. Once your strip is placed on the card, cut it to size. Now you have magnetic sentences. If you were doing punctuation, you can have the students put the sentences on the magnetic board with the correct magnetic punctuation. Kids have fun moving and rearranging, and if they make a mistake they don't have to erase, they simply have to move the magnet! The ideas are endless!