Grade: Middle
Subject: History

#535. Another way to review using Jeopardy

History, level: Middle
Posted Wed Jul 22 07:53:26 PDT 1998 by Jill Klein (
Hughes/Elizabeth Lakes Union School, Lake Hughes, CA USA
Materials Required: 5x8 index cards, thick colored pens, tape, board with Jeopardy grid; textbooks
Activity Time: 90 minutes
Concepts Taught: Review, Summarizing Key Points

For a review of any chapter, divide your topics (and your groups)
into 5 subtopics/groups. Each group gets 5 index cards and one
colored marker, different than the other groups' colors. Each
group gets a subtopic. They will write 5 questions and answers,
one on each index card. Then they will decide the point value
of each card, from easiest (100) to hardest (500). If you want,
they can also put the letter "B" for bonus on the Q/A side, so
that that card can be the wild card, and the group getting
that one can decide how much they want that card to be.
When they are done with the points, they will tape the cards
on the board under their subtopic.
To play the game, I have the first group to finish go first,
and then go clockwise from group to group. (That way, all groups
have the same amount of turns.) When a subtopic and point value
is given, I read off the question. If they get it correctly,
they get the points. If not, the card goes back onto the board.
Students from any group, for obvious reasons, cannot pick any of
the questions they submitted!
I do all of this on the writing board, and I do subtract the
amount of points if the team gives an incorrect answer, so
sometimes, even though their scores are low at the end of the game, at least they walk
away remembering some of the key concepts for the test the
next day!