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#542. Digit Game

Games, level: all
Posted Tue Jul 28 11:44:29 PDT 1998 by Stacie Mayberry (
Douglas Elementary, Belleville, IL USA
Materials Required: Colored construction paper, black marker, laminating (optional)
Activity Time: 15-25 minutes
Concepts Taught: Review Any math concept with number answers in a get-up-and-move way.

To play this game you must first make the digit cards. Take
different colored construction paper and write the numbers
0-9 on each color. Also a decimal or fraction bar if
appropriate. Laminate if possible. Now you have the team
sets ready to hand to each team. Also prepare math problems,
making sure no digit is used twice in the same answer. For
example 215+345=560, or 52x36=1872, etc. Hand out numbers
to team members, team names can correspond with the color.
(Blue team, red team, etc.) Give them a problem. Each
member of the team writes down and solves the problem. If
their number is part of the answer they jump up with their
digit card(s)and try to make the answer. The goal is to be
the first team to make the answer for the teacher to see. I
don't let the members talk to one another or look at each
others work. They are also only allowed to touch the
number(s) I gave them and not any of their teammates.