Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Language

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#55. Phonics game for kindergarten

Language, level: Pre-School
Posted by Michele Lewis (
Homeschooling Preschoolers
The Lewis Family Christian Homeschool, Plant City, Florida
Materials Required: 3x5 cards, pen and a box or bag
Activity Time: 10-20 minutes (or as short or long as you want)

Use 3x5 cards to write phonics parts. (Put together, they will make words)
For example, you could make the following cards:

ba t ca d pi g bi te n hu


make a bunch of these up and then throw them into a box or bag. The child then picks two cards out and puts them together. The child sounds the cards out to see if it makes a legitimate word. If it does, he keeps the cards in his pile, if not, then he throws the cards back into the box. Then it is the next child's, (or mother's) turn. As the child progresses through phonics, you can make it harder and harder by using long vowels and consonant blends. My daughter doesn't seem to tire of this game. For more ideas for preschoolers, visit our web site!