Grade: 3-5

#552. Write & Illustrate a Classbook

Reading/Writing, level: 3-5
Posted Wed Sep 9 09:00:55 PDT 2009 by Marla Dillon (Marla Dillon).
Free Student Publishing - Studentreasures
Drexel Elementary, Drexel, US
Materials Required: Studentreasures Publishing Kit, Water-based Markers for illustrating, Black Ink for writing
Activity Time: 1-3 months
Concepts Taught: 5 Step Writing Process

Classbook Lesson Plan


To motivate students to want to write -- building self-esteem and pride
To integrate the Studentreasures Classbook Publishing Project with the five step writing process
To align the publishing process with your curriculum by incorporating your Language Arts Writing Standards, various teaching units, subjects, theme topics and genres

Objective: The students will create a full-color hardbound classbook!


Supplied by Studentreasures Publishing:

Sample Book to use as a guide
Publishing Kit to create a hardbound book
Project Coordinator Sheet to conduct project
Teacher's Guides with detailed instructions for all participating teachers

Additional Supplies Needed:

Black Ink for writing or. . .
Computer Lab for typing
Water Based Markers for illustrating

Lesson Procedure:

Select Topic -- collaborate with the students to select a topic You can also refer to the Teacher's Guide or go to for topic ideas or themes, writing prompts, teacher's tips, and FAQ's
Prewrite ideas for the stories including setting, plot, characters, and the problem/ solution
Complete the First Text Draft -- it is best to save manuscript pages for final submission
Edit and Review the first Text Draft -- check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Encourage collaboration - Involve all classmates, parents, volunteers
Complete First Illustration Draft -- again, it is best to save the manuscript pages for final submission
Proofread -- Final check of all manuscript pages. All work should now be to the satisfaction of the authors
Complete Final Text on Kit Paper: Writing ideas into paragraph form and completing illustrations - Important -- for successful tips, please follow the Teacher's Guide
Complete Final Illustration - the corresponding illustration to a page of text should be drawn on the back of the previous text page
Publish -- Publish for an audience. Prepare to ship materials to publisher by following the Project Coordinator Sheet


Highlight student achievement with a Publishing Party - Open House, Author's Tea, Author's Book Signing, or Ice Cream Social
Each student can proudly read their book page aloud to classmates and family. This can be a powerful inspiration and motivating exercise when teaching literacy.
Step back, smile! You have just helped create a lifelong memory for your students