Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#554. Bear Songs

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Tue Aug 4 13:46:34 PDT 1998 by Sherry (
Kindergarten teacher , Claremore, Rogers County
Materials Required: None unless you want to make charts
Concepts Taught: Learn positions 1st to eighth/colors

I do a bear theme at the beginning of the year. I have 8 charts, one for each song. I put one bear on the first, 2 on the next, etc.I have the bears in line according to the color. You can use anything, I just use bears. Here are the songs. Tune: Farmer in the Dell:
The first in line is red
He just got out of bed
Spell the color r-e-d
The first in line is red

The second in line is green
She doesn't look so mean
Spell it g-r-e-e-n
The second one is green

The third in line is blue
Spell it b-l-u-e
Blue is who I see
Looking at me

The fourth in line is brown
He is sitting down
Spell it b-r-o-w-n
The fourth is sitting down

Purple is fifth in line
Doesn't he look fine
Purple is fifth in line

Sixth in line is yellow
He is a cute fellow
Sixth is yellow

Guess who I see?
Orange is seventh in line
Let's shout with glee

Black is last in line
Doesn't she look fine
Black is eighth in line

I used Carson Dellosa bears for my bear. Hope you enjoy! My kids love singing these songs.