Grade: Senior
Subject: Literature

#556. Multiple intelligence Poetry

Literature, level: Senior
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Lesson plans
Bristol Eastern High School, Bristol, CT, USA
Materials Required: poems, overheads,
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: War/Poetry appreciation, personal poetry

TLW experience poetry in written, visual and musical format and write a short reflection on the meanings it has in different modes.

Ant Set

"We will be looking at poetry in different ways today. Listen to the following music and then write down war phrases that you feel from the music. Be prepared to share them." Play 1812 overture. Share phrases and have students put them on the board to make a class poem from them.


Art Center- Photos for students to look at and give a history to in one paragraph.

Poetry center - poems for students to look at and choose the ones that appeal to specific themes we have discussed. Explain why in one paragraph.

Emotion center - students choose a piece that illustrates a war emotion listed at the table (Hatred, Indifference, Fear, Pride, Death, etc.) and describe why in a paragraph.

Dylan's "God on Our Side" and copies of poem.

Floyd's "Dogs of War"


1. Send students to different centers in order and have them complete assigned tasks. Allow 5 minutes per stop.

2. Have students at the last stop share their material with the class.

3. Which modality did the students like the best? Why? What appeals about it the most? What does that tell us about human perceptions?

4. Play Dylan's "God on our side". What side is He on? Why? What does that mean to the war effort of different peoples?

5. Have students write a brief response to the meanings each mode adds to the war. Which one gave which impression? Why? Be prepared to share.


Play "Dogs of War". How does this relate? Extra credit for bringing in lyrics to a song and discussing how the poetic aspect communicates a war theme.