Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#557. Showcase of Language

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Dec 15 13:07:54 PST 1998 by Tracy L. Nenninger (
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau USA
Materials Required: large cutouts of people performing, words, velcro, tape
Activity Time: approximately 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: punctutation and sentence structure

Objective: Upon being presented with a sentence, the student will use the appropriate punctuation with 90% accuracy.
1. Prior to the start of the lesson, the teacher hangs about 6 or 7 cutouts of performers, such as ballerinas, dancers, and actors on the chalkboard by attaching them with tape. Each performer should have a piece of velcro attached to its front. The teacher should also have common words cutout on index cards, with velcro attached to the back along with the most common punctuation marks.
2. The teacher calls 2 students to the board to come up with a short sentence, using the words provided. The word cards are then secured to the performers, but not in the correct order.
3. A student is then called on to come to the board and unscramble the words to make a correct sentence.
4. Another student is then called up to place the correct punctuation mark at the end of hte sentence.
5. The teacher then asks the class if the sentence is correct. If the response is no, then the sentence is corrected. Otherwise, the procedure continues until each child has had an opportunity to come to the board.