Grade: Elementary
Subject: Science

#568. Remote Access Online Real-time Science Experiment

Science, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Aug 13 09:47:22 PDT 1998 by Diana Foster (
Remote Access Online Real-time Science Experiment
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA 22903 USA
Materials Required: Internet connection
Activity Time: Teacher may access data at any time.
Concepts Taught: scientific method, experimental design

Using the Internet, K-8 science students are
able to view and download actual experiment results as they are being
collected in a research laboratory here at the University of Virginia. In
addition, students have the opportunity to analyze the data and
compare their thoughts with the ideas of young scientists in other schools
around the world. As the
experiment progresses, the students also have ongoing online data
analysis support from a school teacher and scientist. For classroom teachers
we have provided extensive background materials. The nature of the
initial experiment is one which students would not be able to perform
readily in a typical classroom due to limited equipment and facilities.
Our goals are
*to support teachers in the teaching of experimental design
*to provide students with an example of university-level scientific research
*to create a model for connecting university-level research laboratories
with pre-college science classrooms
*to teach the basic concepts of biological clocks (time-keeping mechanisms
present in all organisms that enable them to synchronize certain behaviors
with their external environment)