Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#570. Open House one or more weeks into school year

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Aug 15 16:00:31 PDT 1998 by Kathleen Carpenter (
Materials Required: photocopied guide to areas in classroom & school building
Activity Time: 30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Orient families to the classroom and school building; sense of ownership for students

Some teachers have had tremendous success with this format: (for
Open House that takes place after school opens, at least one or
two weeks after, so that children are familiar with the
environment). This method can work for pre-k through elementary grades.

The teacher designs and duplicates a "Guide" sheet with simple
labeled drawings of the various Centers, special areas, etc.
within the classroom and school. Include drinking fountain,
lavatory, nurse's office, gym, Library, etc. As families arrive
for Open House, they receive a copy of the sheet and the child
becomes the tour guide, leading the family around the room &
building, showing and explaining the areas depicted. Directions
explain that each area must be checked off as it is visited,
parents should ask which is the child's favorite area, why, what
the rules are, etc. The teacher can place at each Center a printed
explanation of how the Center is used, its educational value,
the rules. In addition, materials, photos, children's work and
resource books can be displayed on tables for browsing.
This format is enjoyable, productive, allows the teacher to
approach families individually rather than having them queue up
waiting for a turn with the teacher, and allows the child to
feel ownership.