Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Literature

#584. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready

Literature, level: Pre-School
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Materials Required: varied
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Lit extensions

Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten_

This month's issue of copy cat has Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready

Make a big K out of construction paper and on the base of the K put the
child's name and on the top angle of the K ( now that makes sense doesn't it.
sorry, it was a hot day at school) put I am Special! I am in Kindergarten.
let them decorate and string it for yarn and wear it.

Observation Skills Go through the story again, notice her shoes, sticky
note to her dress, what the pet cockatoo is doing and things in their
classroom you have in yours.

Alphabet ID. all 26 letters are in the first names of the children in the
class. Check your class and see how many you have

Animal ID Each student in the story is a different animal have fun
identifying the animals

Animal Alliteration do the names of the students start with the same letter
of the animal?
Adam is an alligator

Rhyming Verse There is a rhyming verse for each of the students. Create a
verse that rhymes with your students names. "Tommy Jones eats ice cream

Check out the Copy Cat magazine. It has some really neat ideas this time.


Susan - the book came out about 2 years ago. It's about a teacher (Miss
B) who is getting a kdg class ready before school starts.
Simultaneously, you see various children getting ready, too! There are
26 children - with each of their names starting with a different letter
and they have a pet (if I remember, the pet starts with the same letter
as the child's name). Anyhow, the story jumps back and forth between
Miss Bindergarten and the children. There are a lot of things to watch
for in Miss B's classroom that are present in all kdg rooms.

I got my copy of Miss Bindergarten this week and LOVE it so much. The great
thing for me is that I raise, train and breed Border Collie dogs and Miss
Bindergarten IS a Border Collie!

I have already included in my lesson plans for the first two weeks a way for
each class to make a Mrs. Withnell gets ready...... and have each child included
in the book telling what they did to get ready for school. The kids will draw
pictures. I can then make a class book out of it. My plan is to also scan the
pages into the computer and using Hyper Studio, I want to make a computer
version of the book as well that will read the pages to them as they click
through the book. I'm hoping to have all of this ready for "Back to School
Night" when parents come in to the class to hear about my kdg program. This all
assumes that we do get our computers and scanners programmed and set up soon.
(OF COURSE they aren't yet!)

Post: Miss Bindergarten

Posted by Djinn on 8/05/98

I have seen some wonderful ideas on using Miss Bindergarten on the first day of school.
Here is what I did.
I read the book on the first day - I read a page and we looked around the room to see if
there was anything familiar and I talked about how I got ready. We identified students
with names that matched the alphabet letter. We talked about how the students got ready
for school. By the time the book was finished everyone had heard everyone else's name
and they were familiar with the room.
Please add on your ideas!
Re: Miss Bindergarten
Posted by Ann at the Beach, 8/07/98

Scholastic's Firefly Book Club order for September has Mrs. Bindergarten in big book
format, with little book paperbacks and cassette tape. I put my order in the mail today.

We may graph our names by first letters.
We may create our own "Mrs. Piland Gets Ready for Kindergarten" using our own names.
We may create rhymes -- or possibly "silly" rhymes depending on the childrens' degree of
rhyming ability using our own names.

I am trying to remember the book -- have not really looked at it since last fall. I know
there is so much to it, that I will think of many more activities once I pull it out.