Grade: Elementary
Subject: Literature

#585. The Kissing Hand

Literature, level: Elementary
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The Kissing Hand

The Kissing Hand is such a delightful book to read at the very beginning of
Kindergarten. I always read it to the parents and children together at Kinder
orientation, the Friday before schools starts. When I finish reading it, I
give each child 2 heart stickers, 1 for them and 1 for Mom( there's a class
set of 30 heart stickers included with book but I used those up a few years
ago!). Then on the 1st day of school, I read it again and we do a little take
home paper that has a little xeroxed picture of Chester, the racoon and the
title/author. The child traces around his/her hand and stamps a heart in the
middle. There's a place for the parent to trace his/her hand as well. On the
bottom of the paper,it says,"Trace your mom or dad's hand and tell them about
this special story." This book is loved by kids and adults alike!!!

Found a cute finger play for those of us using The Kissing Hand... Raccoon, Racoon by
Pam Miller Racoon, raccon,(each time you kind of make a mask around your eyes with
your fingers) Up in a tree, (both arms raised) Racoon, Racoon, You can't see me. (cover
eyes) Racoon, raccoon, I can see you (one hand on your eyes, one pointing out to
imaginery raccoon) Eating fish and corn (imitate eating motions) And birds' eggs too.
Racoon, raccon, Hunting at night, (hands shade eyes as if squinting in the dark) Raccon,
raccoon, Sleeps in daylight. (the usual sleeping motion we all do) Ginny

Re: The Kissing Hand
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Re: The Kissing Hand
Posted by Debbie/K/WI, , on 8/08/98

I just bought a hard copy of the book and it had heart stickers
with "The Kissing Hand" printed on them. I thought I would have
the kids trace and cut out their hands and then I will give them
a sticker to put on their cut outs.

This will give me a chance to see how fine motor skills are.


I recently bought and read this book from seeing it mentioned
on the board.

I wanted ideas also. One thing I'm going to do is paint a
tiny red heart in the palm of their hands.

Let me know if you find anything more.