Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#586. Place Value Game

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Aug 25 17:38:05 PDT 1998 by Janet/AR (
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Title: Place Value Game
Grade Level 1-6

Here is a Math game for Place Value that will be fun for the students
and the teacher. The game can be adapted to any grade level.

Materials Needed:
*Index cards/construction paper
*yarn any color
*items to represent different place values
*containers for each of the items being used for different place
*chalk and chalkboard or dry marker borad and dry marker
*Hole punch

*Make a necklace out of the construction paper or index cards with
yarn and write the place value one the card.For example: Thousands
on the card (necklace) and so on.
*The teacher would write a number on the board.
*The teacher would pick students to represent the place value that is
written on the board.
*The students with the necklaces on would go over to the items in
clearly marked containers and get the amount of items their place
value represents.For example,3 2 1 5, the student with 3 would go
to the thousands container and get 3 items representing 3000; the
students wearing the Hundreds necklace would go and get 2 items
from the hundreds container representing 200; and so on.
*When each student has picked their items the student would go to
the board and stand in front of the number written on the board and
show the class their number of items.
*The class has to agree if the students are correct. I usually have the
students give a thumbs up if they feel the students at the board are
*Let all the students have a chance to play.

Janet Hill