Grade: Elementary

#587. Beginning Phonics Software Game

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Aug 25 17:59:43 PDT 1998 by Margaret Taylor (
First Sounds (lettersounds) Beginning Phonics Game
Owl & Mouse Educational Software, Bellevue, WA
Materials Required: software (game) to play on a computer
Activity Time: varied
Concepts Taught: Beginning Phonics--sounds represented by consonants

Download and install free "Lettersounds" game. The student drags a picture to the house with the letter on it that begins the word. The word is pronounced for the student to avoid any confusion about the word. When the student puts the picture in the right place, the word is spelled on the screen, and a smaller version of the picture goes in a row by the house, to show that it is correct. Each game is different, and it can be played many times.