Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#588. Punctuation Penguins

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Mon Jun 14 13:00:14 PDT 1999 by Mary Smiley (
Redgrade Christian Academy, Sheridan, WY
Materials Required: Sentence strips, penguin cut-outs
Activity Time: 20-30 minutes
Concepts Taught: Punctuation

Write out sentences, without punctuatuion. Since we were studying penguins, all setences were factual, about penguins. You can do as many as you think appropriate.

Color and cut out more penguin pictures than you need, writing a period on some tummies, question marks on others. (If your class is older, add any other types you think need practice.) I place the sentence strips in my chart holder, or just sticy-tack them to a white board. We all read them one time together, then go back and take turns reading the sentence, finding the right kind of penguin, and placing it at the end of the sentence. We then leave it up for students to do individually for a learning center.

*This will work with any theme unit-apples, bears, frogs, turtles, pilgrims...whatever you are studying at the time!