Grade: Elementary
Subject: Geography

#591. US States

Geography, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Aug 25 18:18:51 PDT 1998 by Margaret Taylor (
Owl & Mouse Educational Software, Bellevue, WA
Materials Required: Paper, tape, markers or crayons
Activity Time: varies
Concepts Taught: US Geography

Print out a large map from free software at site below (7 sheets of paper by 7 sheets, or 8 by 8). Clear a large area on the floor or other surface. Distribute sheets of paper randomly to students, and have them assemble map like a large puzzle. ("Is Nebraska north or south of Oklahoma?") After map is assembled and taped together, have students mark state capitals with a star, and largest city (if different) with a circle. Label capitals and states. Students can draw in the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, the Rocky Mountains, etc. The map can be used further to trace the Oregon trail, the route of Lewis and Clark, etc., or have historic scenes drawn on appropriate states.