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#594. Spelling- "Wheel of Fortune"

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Posted Tue Aug 25 18:58:07 PDT 1998 by Nan Bechert (bechert@erinet.com).
St. Charles Elementary School, Kettering, Ohio
Materials Required: Chalkboard, eraser, Spelling words
Activity Time: 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Review, Game

Play "Wheel of Fortune"! Separate your room into three or more groups. Each group has a number for as many children in the group. Thus, one person in one of the grroips might have to go twice. If there are 7 children in each group, then put the numbers from one to seven on the chalkboard, You will then circle a number and the children that are that number in each group will stand up. It is their turn to guess the word, Prior to picking the "chosen number", you choose one spelling word from all of their precious lessons and put it on the chalkboard with a __ representing each letter of the chosen word. Thus, "mechanical" would be represented by a __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __. One child then begins to guess a letter. If the letter that they guessed is in that word, you then put it in the appropriate space in the blank. They can only guess a vowel after they have correctly identified a consonant. They keep guessing until the letter that they guessed is not in that word. The letter that is not in the word is then recorded on the chalkboard underneath the blanks. It is then the next person in the "chosen numbers" turn. Whoever guesses the word earns a point for their team. You keep picking a "chosen number" until all of the numbers have been circled. Whoever has the most points in each group wins. I hope that this is clear. I've never had to explain it before. ENJOY! Nan