Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#598. Go to the Head of the Class

other, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Aug 25 21:29:37 PDT 1998 by Mary K&1 (
Conneaut Valley Elementary, Conneautville, PA, USA
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 15- 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Get to know one another an classifying

Get to know one another by classifying and reclassifying children on the basis of likes, dislikes, families, physical attributes, etc.

1.Give the attributes and let the children classify themselves.
2.Group the children and have them determine what they have in common.
3.Let the children take turns classifying themselves.

Examples: Go to the head of the class if you ...

have brown eyes
have braces
have a pet larger than a bread box
play sports on a team
love stuffed animals
eat raw vegetables
had breakfast this morning
have a brother or sister
have ever gone to another school
were nervous on the first day of school
went to the library more than three times this summer
carried a backpack to school today
have a hearty laugh
like to hug or be hugged
are wearing sneakers
know the name of our principal
have a sharp pencil