Grade: all
Subject: Games

#599. My Name Is

Games, level: all
Posted Wed Aug 26 00:04:33 PDT 1998 by Mary K&1 (
Conneaut Valley Elementary, Conneautville, PA, USA
Materials Required: none
Activity Time: 15 - 30 min.
Concepts Taught: Learning the names/likes/characteristics of classmates

Name games can be played at any time of the year but are especially important at the first. They are also useful when new children arrive.

My favorite activity is Singing "The Name Game" made popular in 1965 by Shirley Ellis. We also play many name related games. The following is one of them.

Have the children sit in a circle. Have the game starter begin with "My Name is ____ and I like __________. The child to the left says, "His/Her name is ____ and s/he likes __________. My name is _____ and I like ____. And so on around the circle.

Say your name only for the pre K and K.
Say your name and an adjective that describes you.
Say your name and an adjective that describes you that begins with the same letter as your name.