Grade: all
Subject: Language

#605. Days of the week/ Spanish

Language, level: all
Posted Thu Nov 28 12:32:27 PST 2002 by Kallie Suarez (
Materials Required: None
Concepts Taught: Learning the days of the week in Spanish

At the beginning of school we like to start the day by me saying " Que dia es hoy?" the class responds by saying " Hoy es _____." The days of the week are: Lunes( Monday) Martes (Tuesday) Miercoles ( Wednesday) Jueves ( Thursday) Viernes ( Friday) Sabado ( Saturday) Domingo ( Sunday). This is a fun starter activity because it helps the kids learn another language and they know how to say somethings in a diffrent language. I'm from Spain so the kids can speak to a natave speaker and they know how to pronounce things right.