Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#608. Button Sort - Cross Reference #607, Literature

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Aug 27 15:26:46 PDT 1998 by Susan Nixon (
Cartwright School, Phoenix, USA
Materials Required: Corduroy by Don Freeman; buttons; writing paper or journals, pencils, crayons
Activity Time: one-two periods for sorting and graphing
Concepts Taught: Students use Corduroy as a springboard for sorting, classifying and graphing buttons.


Materials: buttons (at least 2 pounds); Corduroy by Don Freeman; journals; pencils; crayons;

OBJECTIVE ONE: Students will write free flowing thoughts and feelings in their journals.

ACTIVITIES: Students will practice observation skills.

Students will write using adjectives to describe an object.

Students will choose a special button from among many unusual buttons.
They will write a description of the button and why they chose that particular one.

Students will write a story about where their special button came from and what it's purpose was.

OBJECTIVE TWO: Students will sort, classify, and graph buttons.

ACTIVITIES: Students will write to describe the process they used to sort and classify their buttons.

Students will graph classes of buttons they grouped. (ex. two holes, four holes, round, bumpy)