Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#611. The Kissing Hand

, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Aug 30 09:50:51 PDT 1998 by Emmy Ellis (
Raccoon web site
Lone Grove Elementary, Lone Grove, OK
Materials Required: Vocabulary sheet
Activity Time: 40 minutes
Concepts Taught: oral presentation, vocabulary, parts of speech

I made flashcards on the computer with vocabulary words from the story, ran them off on colored paper, cut them apart and put into indivicual envelopes. I made a large class set of these words.

raccoon thoughts thoughtful nuzzled scampered promise palm warmth any others you'd like to use

We cut the words out and displayed them on our desks. We categorized them according to parts of speech. I'd read the section from the book which contained the word so we could "decide" which part of speech the word was. We used these same word cards to alphabetize them.