Grade: Elementary

#613. Author Study of Don and Audrey Wood

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Sep 2 19:03:53 PDT 1998 by Natasha Dixon (
Activity Time: 5 lessons
Concepts Taught: Organization skills, similarities/differences,invented spelling

Lesson 1- Read the book "Silly Sally" by Don and Audrey Wood. Discuss the book and mention that the authos of this book have written several books, they are also husband and wife. Begin a K-W-L chart about Don and Audrey Wood and their books.
Lesson 2- Read the book "The Napping House" by Don and Audrey Wood (preferably the big book). List the characters and imitate the sounds they each make while sleeping. Draw a picture of all the characters on top of one another sleeping. Reread the story
while encouraging the students to read with you. This is a humorous book, so expect laughing. Add some things to the K-W-L chart.
Lesson 3- Review the K-W-L chart. Read "The Big Hungry Bear" only up to the point where the mouse says "there's only one way in the whole wide world to save the strawberry", then have students use invented spelling to finish the story. Add things to the K-W-L chart.
Lesson 4- Review K-W-L chart. Read "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub" and "Heckedy Peg" to the class. Point out how similar the illustrations in these two stories are. Teach new color words such as amber, gold, jade, crimson, and rust. Again, add to the K-W-L chart.
Lesson 5- Review K-W-L chart. Read "Quick as a Cricket" to the class. Make masks for each animal mentioned in the book and act it out while rereading. Have students to draw their favorite animal from the book and write about it. Add to the K-W-L chart for the last time, review it well on the day of the last lesson and again later.