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#62. Book Report

Reading/Writing, level: all
Posted by Renee ().

Here's a possible idea for your student. Please forgive any typing errors, its my weakness!!
1. Have your student write the title and author of the book. The student should then list the main
characters and describe them both physically and emotionally (what kind of person is the characeter?).
2. The student should then do the setting, including the time period. If you are working on a novel,
have the student create a time line of important events as he/she reads the book. The time line can be
done in writing or as pictures (or a combination of both).
3. The student needs to be able to tell about/define the problem in the story. How does this affect the
main character and his/her actions? What would you(the student) do differently from the main character?
4. What is the solution to the problem? How is the conflict resolved in the story? Is it the ending you
expected and explain your answer. If you (the student) rewrote the ending to the story what would it be?
5. Create a poster, bookjacket, advertisment, etc. for the book. Keep in mind you want others to read
this book (even if you didn't like it!)
6. Read a second novel from the same time period or theme and compare the main characters, problems
and solutions.