Grade: Elementary

#620. Teaching er,ir,ur sounds

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Wed Sep 9 08:15:54 PDT 1998 by Tina Shaplin (
Teaching the er,ir,ur sounds
Chadds Ford Elementary School, Chadds Ford, Pa
Materials Required: heavy paper to make a pattern
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: teaching sounds

Make a pattern of a bird. One pattern should be the body of the bird. The other pattern should be bird wings. Put a slit into the pattern of the bird's body. The slit will be used to insert the bird's wings. Students will share patterns to make birds out of construction paper. Have lots of colors of construction paper available so student's can choose colors. Meanwhile, the teacher with the help of the students, generates er,ir,ur words and puts them on the board to read. Note the three spellings of the same sound. Put the words on the bird's bodies and wings. Attach yarn toe the bird's and hang them up in the room. This activity is lots of fun and it helps students to remember the sounds for reading and for spelling.