Grade: Elementary
Subject: Language

#623. Four Kinds of Sentences - Fun Review

Language, level: Elementary
Posted Thu Sep 10 18:18:18 PDT 1998 by Shelley/4/OK (
Washington Elem, Bristow, OK USA
Materials Required: typing paper, crayons, colored pencils, pencil
Activity Time: 2 - 50min class periods
Concepts Taught: Review of the Four Kinds of Sentences

The project I am having my English class do right now is a review for the Four Kinds of Sentences. Here's how:

Obj: The students will make their own book, with a cover, author page, list all four kinds of sentences with definitions and an example of each. They will use it to review for their tests on sentences.

Take two pieces of typing paper and fold in half so that you have 8 book pages. Open and staple in middle. Have the students number each page, beginning with the front 1-8.
List on the board the steps. Step 1 is page 1, Step 2 is page 2 etc.
1. Cover: Four Kinds of Sentences
2. By: (Their name)
3. Title page: There Are Four Kinds of Sentences
4. Declarative sentence makes a statement. (write an example too)
5. Interrogative sentence asks a question. (Write an example)
6. Imperative sentence makes a command or request. (Ex.)
7. Exclamatory sentence expresses strong feeling. (Ex.)
8. Blank page or decorate as wanted

I grade it for neatness, spelling, accuracy on sentences they write and effort. They LOVE to make books! You can have them do this with any concept you are teaching. We make character books, review for lots of reading skills etc...