Grade: Elementary
Subject: History

#625. Build a Medieval Castle

History, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 12 00:03:19 PDT 1998 by Margaret Taylor (
Build a Medieval Castle
Owl & Mouse Educational Software, Bellevue, WA, USA
Materials Required: Paper, scissors, markers/crayons, tape or glue, PC printer access
Activity Time: 2-3 hours
Concepts Taught: Life in Middle Ages, Social Structure, Architecture

Use "Build a Medieval Castle" to build a model castle, complete with towers, gatehouse and keep. There are further instructions for adding a drawbridge, portcullis, banner, etc. Detailed instructions include a discussion about why a castle was built the way it was--defense, food storage, people in and around the castle necessary to maintain it, and the social structure (hierarchy) of people who lived in the castle or around it.

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