Grade: Middle
Subject: other

#629. Global Education for Keyboarding - Russia 1997

other, level: Middle
Posted Sun Sep 13 13:09:04 PDT 1998 by Barbara S. Clarke (
Central High School, Martinsburg, PA USA
Materials Required: Computer and word processing program
Activity Time: Can be used several different ways
Concepts Taught: Teaching about the new Russia while keying

This lesson includes drills and warmup lines, timed writings, crossword puzzle, reports, and tables using information on the new free market economy in Russia. It gives the teacher some additional materials to use in testing or as extra practice on keying various activities while the students gain a little insight into the Russia that has been emerging since 1991. It was prepared by me as a project in conjunction with a trip to Russia during the summer of 1997 on a Fulbright-Hays/PSEA Study Tour. To obtain a copy of these materials, please e-mail your post office address and request a copy to