Grade: Middle

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#63. V-Day - Friendship Poems

Reading/Writing, level: Middle
Posted by Kristina Howlett (
Materials Required: Construction paper hearts
Activity Time: 1 class period
Concepts Taught: Great for ESL students

I have taught this lesson with my ESL students (grades 7-9).
I review similes, metaphors and imagery.
We brainstorm and put ideas on the board for each literary term:

Simile: A friend is like ______. or Friendship is like _______
A friend is as______ as _____.
Metaphor: A friend is _______.
Friendship is _______.
Imagery: Friendship is talking on the phone for two hours.
Friendship is playing basketball together at camp.
After we have reviewed the terms, students write their own poems using
similes, metaphors and imagery.
Have students write and decorate their poems on different colored hearts.
This is an especially good lesson for V-Day. Students can read their
poems aloud and/or decorate the classroom together.