Grade: Pre-School
Subject: other

#630. days of the week

other, level: Pre-School
Posted Sun Sep 13 15:17:58 PDT 1998 by pam mason (
st margaret, lowell, ma
Materials Required: voices
Activity Time: 2 min
Concepts Taught: learning the days of the week

in order to teach my kindergarten class the days of the week, i used a song that most of you will know, and to my surprise and delight, many of my kindergartners already knew it too -- the Happy Days song:

sunday, monday, happy days
tuesday, wednesday, happy days
thursday, friday, happy days
saturday, what a day, groovin all week with you!

they sang this standing up, and at "groovin all week with you", they danced in their places for a second. the morning leader pointed to the appropriate day of the week on chart paper as we sang. i couldnt believe how much they enjoyed this!