Grade: Elementary
Subject: other

#632. Grandparents Day

other, level: Elementary
Posted Fri Sep 18 16:50:09 PDT 1998 by Cheryl H. (
Parkview Elementary School, Valparaiso, IN USA
Materials Required: test questions
Activity Time: 45 minutes
Concepts Taught: Grandparents Day at School

We have grandparents day coming up in our school in October.
I teach 5th grade and what we do is make up to separate quizzes.
One is for the students to take that involves terminolgy from
the past. The other is for the grandparents to take that the
students help make that involves terminology from today. We
have each group take their quizzes and then they are used to
show how much has changed between the two age groups. It is
funny to see what some of the answers are to the questions.
If you be interested in seeing a copy of the quizzes I could
get them to you.
If you have found out any neat ideas for grandparents day could you
please send them to me.
Thank you!
Cheryl H.