Grade: Elementary

#636. Your Name

Reading/Writing, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Sep 20 09:48:08 PDT 1998 by Mrs. Alphabet (Anne@mrsalphabet).
Mrs. Alphabet
Riverglades Elementary, Parklands, FL
Materials Required: Alphabet Cards uppercase letters on one side and lowercase letters on the other side.
Activity Time: flexible 5- 15 minues
Concepts Taught: Alphabet recognition and phonics

Your Name
By Mrs. Alphabet

Shout your name very loud
Write your name inside a cloud!
Sing your name like a bird
Whisper your name so it's barely heard.
Spell your name say each letter
Cheer your name for us altogether.
Make an action while you spell for me
Like clap or jump and we'll all copy.
Pull your name out so we hear each sound
We'll hunt for the letters to be found.
Now we know who you are
You are our shining star!

Use this poem to introduce your student of the day and model all the different activities that the poem suggests.