Grade: Elementary
Subject: Mathematics

#644. Glyphs

Mathematics, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Sep 26 18:35:31 PDT 1998 by Mel ().
Materials Required: Paperplate,crayons,construction paper,glue and scissors
Concepts Taught: Intrepreting Data

Glyphs is short for hieroglyphics.It is a form of picture writing that conveys info. To make a glyph data is collected,a legend is created and specific components of the final picture have signifiCANCE. tHE INDIVIDUAL FEATURES OF THE FINSIHED GLYPH TELL A STORY ABOUT THE PERSON WHO CREATED IT.
A pumpkin Glyph
Choose the options to tell a story about you.
A tall body means my age is an even number.
A short body means my age is an odd number.
On Halloween
triangle eyes I will go trick or treating
circle eyes means I will go to a party
square eyes means I will stay home
My costume is
trapazoid means my costume is scary
diamond means it is funny
pentagon means it is a tv/movie/story book character
square means it hasn't been decided yet.
Stem pointing to the left means my costume has a a mask
Stem pointing to the right means my costume does not have a mask.
Happy mouth means I like Halloween
Scary mouth means I love Halloween
Sad mouth maens I do not like Halloween.
My favourite Halloween treat is
ONe leaf is chocolate
two leaves means lollipops
three leaves is bubblegum
Make the legend on chart paper then everyone can intrepret your glyphs.
This idea is from Scholastic book Graphs.Venns and Glyphs