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#65. Social Studies:Conflict and Cooperation

Social Studies, level: Elementary
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Materials Required: materials to make instruments and village models
Activity Time: 6 weeks
Concepts Taught: social studies, conflict, cooperation

Part I: Group activities to explore Native American cultures:

1. Construct a tribal village of the tribe selected by the group, students will have to research lifestyle and geography of a native american tribe, decide on building materials, plan the layout, build and label structures and write a brief description of each

2. Develop a tribal dance based on a tribal legend. Students will choose a tribe, research tribal legends and tribal dances, decide on a legend, choose characters, choose instruments, choose materials to make instruments, make the instruments, outline actions of dancers, design and make costumes.

3. Conduct a mock indian federation meeting. Students must select the tribes that they wish to represent, and outline areas of possible conflict and cooperation, choose key leaders, and develop the kind of agreement they might wish to negotiate, conduct the negotiations.

Part II. Exploration

1. Perform a mock trial of the Spanish explorer Cortez. Research Cortez, Aztec indians and legends, and the actions of the spanish explorers. Select individuals to fill the roles of lawyer for Montezuma, Lawyer for Cortez, a jury, judge, and witnesses, decide on what charges should be made against Cortez and on what basis he should be judged, develop arguments on both sides of the issue, conduct the trial.

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