Grade: all
Subject: Art

#663. Mosaic Art

Art, level: all
Posted Sun Oct 11 19:04:45 PDT 1998 by David C. Siggelkov (
North Boone High School, Poplar Grove, IL/USA
Materials Required: Construction paper, Glue, Scissors and a creative imagination
Activity Time: 3-5 5o minute periods
Concepts Taught: Mosaic, Tesserae

Lesson Plan: Mosaic art

Objectives (the student will...):
* define the words mosaic and tesserae
* demonstrate knowledge of mosaic
* acquire the essential skills to create art (cutting, pasting, arranging and
developing -- original idea)
* enhance their sense of design through arranging the cut paper

Materials Needed (per student):
1 piece of 9" X 12" paper
colored pencils/markers
construction paper of various colors

Activity: Clarify the procedure of the lesson. Have the students acquire their
materials and begin working. I will walk around and answer any questions as
they arise. I will continue to evaluate their progress and set a dead line as the
time approaches.

Exploration: Explain how artists from Rome, Medieval Europe, and
contemporary Mexico use a similar process to create mosaics. Show them
examples of how mosaics were used through out history.