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Subject: Music

#665. So Long, I'll See You

Music, level: all
Posted Mon Oct 12 00:09:43 PDT 1998 by David Saphra (
#468. godd Morning/Goodsbye songs/posts from primary board, Irvington, New York USA
Materials Required: Sheet music - available free at web site
Activity Time: 2 Minutes
Concepts Taught: Departure song, Bilingual

Students can sing the following song
as they line up to leave:


So long, I'll see you
Hasta la vista
So long I'll see you
All soon again
So, until then
Hasta la vista
Adis, ami-igos
Good by to you
My friends

The melody is taken from an old
Jewish hymn and can be found at:

(For use with discussion area #468)

David Saphra
(Children's Songs by D.F.Saphra)