Grade: Elementary
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#669. Sports Mime to Music

, level: Elementary
Posted Tue Dec 3 04:24:23 PST 2002 by Kerry Aldis (
Orange Public School, Orange NSW Australia
Materials Required: copied sheet of up to 21 international sports
Activity Time: 5 to 30 minutes as required
Concepts Taught: Music/Drama/PE Sport knowledge

It is simple and loved by all.
Children secretly identify two or three sports pictured on sheet. They get up to mime to music a dance, on two or three spots on the floor, of the sports selected. Change the music beat and style from heavy rock to classical. Finish with a discussion on which was the most difficult and why. Heaaaps of other options and activities on their favourite sport can follow. eg. how could it become and international sport, advertisements made etc... endless options and a great fun handss on learner.