Grade: Pre-School
Subject: Music

#672. Months of Year Song

Music, level: Pre-School
Posted Sat Oct 17 19:06:09 PDT 1998 by Jeanne (
Pre-school teacher, California

tune is Calendar Girl....

January Winter starts the year off right.
February You are my little Valentine.
March The winds will start to blow.
April Ooh it's raining, better get a coat.
May The Spring flowers will begin to grow.
June we'll be on the beach a lot I know.
July There are fireworks up in the air.
August Summers almost over.Thats not fair.
September Autumn leaves will all fall down.
October We will trick-or-Treat all over town.
November We'll eat Turkey with all of our friends.
December The year is finally over, so we start again.