Grade: Elementary
Subject: Music

#673. A-B-C Music Book

Music, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Oct 18 13:57:07 PDT 1998 by Peter Stiepleman (
Allendale Elementary School, Oakland, California
Materials Required: music tapes, manila folder, string, paper.
Activity Time: 20 minutes a day for 13 days
Concepts Taught: To teach children music appreciation or to show how sound is a form of energy

This lesson can be approached in many ways. It can serve as an introduction to music. It can be used to teach the musical families, the concepts of rhythym or how sound is a form of energy.

I start out this unit by:
1- Asking the children to tell me the instruments they know. As they say them I write them on the board by musical family. The string - cello, violin, guitar, viola, etc.. The percussion - cymbals, timpani, snare drum, etc.. The woodwind - clarinet, flute, saxophone, oboe, bassoon, etc.. The keyboard - piano, harpsichord, etc.. The brass - trumpet, trombone, french horn, etc..

2- I explain to them that they are seperated by families.

3- I then play them examples of a trumpet, a saxophone, etc..

4- Then I have them shake a tamborine or a moracca to this music.

5- Soon I have them excited about listening to different types of music everyday.

6- Next we make our very own A-B-C Music books. You need a manila folder for each child and paper. We cut the folders into books and place the paper inside. We then hole punch and insert string. Our books are made. We then Place a encyclopedia diagram of all the instruments into the back of every child's book. That way I can refer them to the instruments when we are listening to the music. I also allow them time to look through magazines for examples of music. I allow about 25 minutes for the designing of the books.

7- Now everyday we listen for about 20 minutes to a new letter.

8- We began with a cappella for "A" and Bach for "B". "C" was children's songs. Use your own ideas for the other letters. The kids really love to dance in a circle to Klezmer music. If your interested to know what I used please email me.

9- When they listen to the music they have to write down the same thing everyday: Who, What, Instruments I hear, Like/Dislike.

10- Throughout this time I have guest artists come into the classroom to play the guitar or keyboard. The kids like listening to new music everyday, but they really love a real live show.