Grade: Middle
Subject: Science

#674. It Takes Guts! - A Journey Through the Digestive System

Science, level: Middle
Posted Tue Sep 29 08:10:11 PDT 2009 by Dan Caldwell (Dan Caldwell).
It Takes Gute - A Journey Through the Digestive System, Canton, NY, USA
Materials Required: None (All Are Provided)
Activity Time: 5-6 days
Concepts Taught: Human Body, Digestive System, Nutrition, Health

PDF file of the entire It Takes Guts - A Multimedia Journey Through the Digestive System can be found at the link below:

Summary (please download pdf file for student pages and detailed lesson plans)

Lesson 1) Play the song "It Takes Guts" from Students Use the the included lyrics notesheet to take notes while listening (found in pdf file).

Lesson 2) Students complete the digestive system diagram (found in pdf file)

Lesson 3) Students complete a function worksheet that ties into song lyrics (fonud in pdf file)

Lesson 4) Students play It Takes Guts the video game (free at and complete the video game reflection sheet (found in pdf file)

Lesson 5) Students complete the Journey Through The digestive system writing assignment (found in pdf file)

Lesson 6) Students complete the Digestive System summary sheet (found in pdf file)