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Subject: Literature

#675. Beloved

Literature, level: Senior
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Materials Required: test, pencil
Activity Time: 50 minutes
Concepts Taught: assessment of text

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Beloved Test (page 1 of 4)

A. Matching. Match the letter which best describes each character on the line to the left.

_____1. Sethe A. antagonist -- personifies evil
_____2. Denver B. Sethe's fourth child's name sake
_____3. Beloved C. owner of 124 Bluestone Rd.
_____4. Baby Suggs D. realizes her identity after falling when ice skating
_____5. Paul D E. death by suspected poisoning
_____6. Stamp Paid F. represents hope for future generations of black females
_____7. Sixo G. ex-slave, escaped convict
_____8. Amy H. presence keenly felt by all who encounter her
_____9. Schoolteacher I. owner of Sweet Home Farm in Kentucky
_____10. Mr. Garner J. born in Africa and brought to America as a slave
_____11. Mrs. Garner K. insulted by formality, which signals him/her as stranger
_____12. The Bodwins L. falls in love with "thirty-mile" girl

B. Multiple Choice. Place the letter of the best answer on the line at the right.

_____ 13. Mr. Garner prides himself
(a) on the "delicate beauty" of his wife. (b) on owning six slaves. (c) on being different from other slave owners. (d) on his "above average" intellect.

_____ 14. Mr. Garner allows Halle to
(a) hire himself out every Sunday to earn money. (b) manage his plantation while he is away. (c) care for Mrs. Garner during her illness. (d) search for run-a-way slaves.

_____15. When Baby Suggs is emancipated, Mr. Garner
(a) has a heart attack. (b) becomes abusive. (c) gives her one of his horses. (d) pays her resettlement fee.

_____ 16. The Bodwins are
(a) committed to abolition and helping ex-slaves. (b) happily married. (c) raising Beloved until Seth returns. (d) pro-slavery.

_____ 17. Seth marries Halle because
(a) she becomes pregnant. (b) of his kindness toward his mother. (c) he promises to help her escape. (d) no one else will have her.

_____ 18. The Garners purchase thirteen-year-old Sethe
(a) because they need the additional help. (b) to replace Baby Suggs. (c) because she is an orphan. (d) with hopes that she'll marry Halle.
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_____ 19. Seth and Halle have
(a) two children together: two boys. (b) three children of their own, and one adopted slave child. (c) three children: two boys and one girl (d) four children: two boys and two girls.

_____ 20. Seth overhears Schoolteacher instructing his pupils to
(a) keep track of her human and animal characteristics. (b) recite sections of the Declaration of Independence (c) "love thy neighbor as you would love yourself."
(d) spy on the plantation slaves.

_____ 21. On the scheduled day of escape from Sweet Home
(a) Denver is born and Seth must wait several more weeks. (b) Mrs. Garner dies, and Seth is forced to remain behind. (c) Seth is working in the house and Halle is unable to signal her. (d) Seth changes her mind and decides to remain in Kentucky.

_____ 22. After the initial escape from Sweet Home,
(a) Brandywine captures Halle. (b) Seth waits for hours in the cornfield. (c) Sixo escapes with his girlfriend. (d) Sixo is killed and Paul D is shackled.

_____ 23. Before Seth has a chance to escape from Sweet Home
(a) her baby is born (b) she sees Halle once more. (c) Schoolteacher's nephews take her milk. (d) Mrs. Garner dies.

_____ 24. Seth confides a secret to Mrs. Garner. As a result
(a) Sethe is whipped. (b) Mrs. Garner gives Sethe crystal earrings. (c) Sethe is forced to remain at Sweet Home. (d) Mrs. Garner loses all trust in Sethe.

_____ 25. Halle is last seen
(a) running through a cornfield. (b) sitting by a butter churn. (c) being chained by Brandywine. (d) in the barn's rafters.

_____ 26. Paul D is sent to prison for
(a) punching his owner. (b) attempting to kill Brandywine. (c) escaping from Sweet Home (d) talking back to Schoolteacher.

_____27. Paul D, along with forty-five prisoners, escapes from prison. They encounter
(a) a horrendous snow storm (b) the organizers of the underground RR. (c) numerous other fugitive slaves. (d) a band of fugitive Cherokees.

_____ 28. While in prison, Paul D
(a) makes contact with Halle. (b) tries to communicate with Sethe. (c) is kept in a 5'X5' box. (d) is placed in solitary confinement.

_____29. On her way to Cincinnati, Seth
(a) collapses in some bushes. (b) finally meets up with Halle. (c) meets Harriet Tubman (d) encounters confederate soldiers.

_____ 30. Early on, Sethe's wounded and infected back is treated with
(a) whiskey for disinfecting. (b) dressing and bandages. (c) spider webs. (d) lye and river water.
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_____ 31. Seth delivers her baby
(a) in Cincinnati. (b) in a lean-to (c) in the bushes. (d) in a rowboat.

_____ 32. Seth names her baby after
(a) Amy (b) Lu (c) Ella (d) Jennifer

_____ 33. Seth is ferried across the Ohio River by
(a) Stamp Paid and two boys. (b) Stamp Paid and Ella. (c) Mr. Bodwin and two slaves. (d) an unknown abolitionist.

_____ 34. According to Baby Suggs, the "saving grace of the colored people is that
(a) they must hide fugitive slaves." (b) they must form a community." (c) they must regularly attend church." (d) they must love themselves."

_____ 35. Twenty days after Seth's arrival at 124, Stamp Paid brings them
(a) fire wood. (b) a bushel of apples. (c) two buckets of blackberries. (d) news of Halle.

_____ 36. After a full-fledged feast, the "area folks
(a) form their own congregation." (b) are offended by Baby Sugg's excess." (c) eat until their bellies become extensive." (d) rally together as a community."

_____ 37. Schoolteacher tracks Seth to 124. Seth
(a) recognizes Schoolteacher's hat. (b) recognizes Schoolteacher's horse. (c) runs to the river. (d) grabs an ice pick.

_____ 38. Seth is discovered by
(a) Schoolteacher, Baby Suggs, Stamp Paid, and a slave catcher. (b) Mr. Bodwin, Stamp Paid, a slave catcher, and the sheriff. (c) Schoolteacher, his nephew, a slave catcher, and the sheriff. (d) Schoolteacher, Mr. Bodwin, a slave catcher, and the sheriff.

_____ 39. Seth killed
(a) Howard, Bugler, and Beloved. (b) Howard, Bugler, Beloved, and Denver. (c) Her third born. (d) her only daughter.

_____ 40. For Seth's punishment, she is sentenced to
(a) five years of hard labor. (b) be hanged. (c) return to Sweet Home. (d) three months in jail.

_____ 41. After Seth is freed from punishment,
(a) she is reunited with Denver. (b) she provides a tombstone for a grave. (c) she is reunited with Halle. (d) she vows a life of "holiness."

_____ 42. With the help of the Bodwins, Seth secures a job
(a) at a car wash (b) as a nanny/wet nurse. (c) as a maid. (d) at a restaurant.

_____ 43. Beloved makes her presence known by
(a) making scratching noises in the attic. (b) sighing and causing accidents to occur. (c) haunting the community that didn't help her. (d) appearing in the form of a murdered slave.

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_____ 44. Denver is outwardly loving toward Beloved because
(a) she is afraid that Sethe will kill her too. (b) she wants to make Sethe jealous. (c) she wants to make Paul D jealous. (d) she is afraid for Paul D's safety.

_____ 45. Denver takes pleasure in the company of Beloved. Together, they
(a) wait for their daddy to come for them. (b) plot against Seth. (c) discuss "life on the other side." (d) search for Howard and Buglar.

_____ 46. Denver's hearing is "cut off by an answer she could not bear to hear,"
(a)when she is told about her "real" mother. (b) when she is told the truth about Beloved. (c) when she learns of Sethe's imprisonment. (d) when she learns of her daddy's death.

_____ 47. When Paul D attempts to confess his "affair" to Sethe, he
(a) sings her a song instead. (b) sees a ghostly image. (c) sheds a tear. (d) asks her to bear a child.

_____ 48. Paul D learns of the massacre when
(a) overhearing a conversation. (b) seeing a newspaper clipping. (c) Seth breaks down and confesses. (d) Beloved tries to seduce him.

_____ 49. Sethe loses her job due to
(a) Denver's secret meeting. (b) an argument with her boss. (c) customer complaints.
(d) focusing all her attention on Beloved.

_____ 50. Sethe rushes at Mr. Bodwin with an ice pick because
(a) she believes he had her imprisoned 18 years earlier. (b) she is intent on defending Denver. (c) she mistakes him for white men of 18 years earlier. (d) she refuses to leave 124 Bluestone Rd.

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