Grade: 3-5
Subject: Science

#679. Identifying with Compounds

Science, level: 3-5
Posted Wed Sep 30 19:53:29 PDT 2009 by Craig Uss (Craig Uss).
Materials Required: Pencil
Activity Time: 20 minutes
Concepts Taught: Compunds, Bonding

Making Compounds
Objectives to learn:
a. Be able to Identify Ions
b. Identify Relationship between Ions
c. Find out what makes up Water


The thing above is a water compound. A compound is a group of element s attracted and held together by bonds. There are two types of bonds, ionic and covalent bonds. Ionic bounds are when the electrons from one atom are donated to another atom. Covalent bonds are when one atom shares electrons with another atom.

The water compound above is made up of three atoms, Two Hydrogen atoms and One Oxygen atom. To help visualize the compound think of each atom, which are circles, are connected by a line. Below is an activity in which where you have to identify and find all the water compounds correctly. Remember the compounds atoms don't have to be close to each other.

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