Grade: all
Subject: Science

#687. Family Science Night (invitation and donation letter)

Science, level: all
Posted Thu Nov 5 19:27:28 PST 1998 by Valerie Simeone (
Family Science Night Pictures
St. Michael's Elementary, Canton, Ohio USA
Concepts Taught: Parent involvement with science lessons

Here is the text of the invitation we wrote for our night:

You are cordially invited to
St. Michael's School
Family Science Night
Wednesday, March 4th
Activities will take place from
6-7:30pm in the Gathering Room
The StarLab will be available to
tour from 5:30-6 and 7:30-8pm
All students must be accompanied
by a parent or guardian

My family will/will not attend Family
Science Night on March 4th

Number of people

Here is the letter we sent requesting items to be donated for our night:

Dear Parents,
Set aside the evening of March 4th on your calendar. St.
Michael's School will be holding a Family Science Night! This
evening will be an opportunity to perform some fun science
experiments together as a family. The theme of our night is
"space" and all of our activities will be related in some way to our
theme. In order to make this night a success, we are asking for
donations of the following items that will be used on this night. If
you are able to donate any of these, please send them to the school
office as soon as possible. St. Michael's parents always provide
wonderful support for our school activities and we thank you in
advance for your support of our Family Science Night. Watch for
more information on times and a reservation form to come home

disposable bathroom cups plastic spoons salt
Borax laundry detergent laundry bluing ammonia

food coloring party balloons Elmer's
white glue
charcoal vegetable oil
shaving cream
Cool Whip flour
Joy dishwashing liquid sugar baking soda baking powder
string paper towels craft sticks

drinking straws masking tape
containers with lids from margarine, sour cream, cottage cheese