Grade: Elementary

#689. Explore with Pumpkins

Social Studies, level: Elementary
Posted Sat Oct 23 20:42:57 PDT 1999 by Nan Salsman (
Lincoln Elementary, El Reno, OK USA
Materials Required: world maps or globes, pumpkins (1 per student), patterns of the continents, and paint
Activity Time: 2-3 days or can take up to 1 week
Concepts Taught: To learn longitute and latitute

Lesson Plan
1. Have a classroom discussion about longitute and latitude. Have students locate examples using their social studies book or a world map.
2. Ask students questions about different longitute and latitude locations.
3. Be sure and discuss the different hemispheres with students as well.
4. Have each student take their own pumpkin and cut the top. Clean the inside of the pumpkin.
5. Have students divide the pumpkin into hemisperes using the vertical lines on the pumpkin as lines of longitude.
6. Place the patterns of the continents in the appropriate hemisphere. Trace the continents.
7. Paint the continents. Let dry overnight.
8. The next day paint the bodies of water. Let dry overnight.
9. The next day using a permanent marker have students label the continents and the bodies of water.
10. Invite parents to visit the classroom and admire their child's globe.

You can also display the pumpkin globes at the school library for all to see.
Have students pick a continent they would like to research. Locate 5-10 facts about the continent they chose to share with the class. They can use their pumpkin globe as a visual.