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#690. Billy Goat Gruff

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Posted Thu Oct 8 19:22:12 PDT 2009 by Tami (Tami).
Kids World Exploration,

*After the children have heard the story the Three Billy Goats Gruff do a story theater with the children. Have three children as the goats and one child as the troll. Teacher is the narrator. Reread the story and as teacher is reading the story children are participating in acting it out.

*Chidren's Puppet Theater Now that the children know the story have them decide on a cast to reenact the story using puppets. Children that do not want to be a puppet can sit in the addiance and do the sound affects of the trip trop of the goats. Children can use wooden blocks or rhythm stiks for the sound of the goats, remind the children that each goat has a different sound as they go over the bridge. (soft tone for the small goat, medium tone for the middle goat and hard tone for the large goat)

*Class Discussion Have a discussion on what other animals could go over the bridge and eat the sweet green grass. Dictate what the children say. Also ask them what sound they might make as they go over the bridge.

*Introduce the letter (G, g) and word goat to the class; add goat under the letter G with a picture of an goat to your word wall. Show the children objects that start with the letter G,g (grapes, giraffe, and gorilla ). See if the children can find objects that start with the letter G in the classroom environment. Use word alliteration with the letter G so the children can hear the sound. Giddy Goat giggled while eating grapes galore.