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#693. The M&M Brand Chocolate Counting Book Curriculum Web

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 8 18:38:31 PST 1998 by Sara I. Register (
Northern Az University, Flagstaff, Arizona
Materials Required: See List
Activity Time: 1 Week est.
Concepts Taught: Art, Music, Play, Drama, Math, and Science

Center: Art
Objective(s): Children will understand (concept) which colors belong in a rainbow through drawing (fine motor skills, aesthetic) and using M&M's for decoration.
Materials: Non-peanut M&M's, card stock paper, glue, crayon, markers, glue, and glitter will be available at the Art Center.
Procedures: Each child will draw a design that contains a rainbow. They will decorate the picture anyway they like. They will use the M&M's to color code the rainbow itself.

Center: Music
Objective(s): To sing the Color Song, then create (concept of pictures to colors) their own ideal pictorial words for each color.
Materials: The Color Song, large teacher tablet, markers, crayons, and colored pencils.
Procedures: Children will sing the Color Song in a shared group, then be able to create a verse describing each color in the song with their own imagination at Music Center.

Center: Play
Objective(s): Children will jump (large motor skills) on colors announced by another student, in a sequence (concept of sequence, social skills).
Materials: 9 Mats, each labeled and pictured with one color will be provided at the Play Center.
Procedures: One child will direct the game by calling out a sequence of colors. The rest of the children will follow the sequence they heard by jumping onto the pattern.

Center: Drama
Objective(s): Children will act (physical, aesthetic)out sounds and objects that may pertain to a certain color. (Example: a shiny red car would make a varoom sound)
Materials: Butcher paper that match M&M colors, scissors, and colorful dress up clothes will be available at the Drama Center
Procedures: Children will be able to dress up and/or cut or costumes to match the color that they are imitating.

Center: Math
Objective(s): The children will be able to graph M&M's. (concept of counting and graphing colors)
Materials: 10 randomly chosen Non-Peanut M&Ms, pre-made graph, and colored pencils will be available for use at the Math Center.
Procedures: The children will color one M&M on each graph column to match a color of a real M&M. They will blindly pick 10 M&Ms from a bowl, then graph each M&M on their colored graph.

Center: Science
Objective: Children will mix (fine motor, aesthetic) primary paint colors and graph (concept of graphing) the results with the colors they discovered.
Materials: The basic primary colors of food coloring: red, yellow, and blue, crayons that match the colors: red, yellow, orange, blue, green, and purple, empty Styrofoam egg crates, a variety size of paint brushes, and an empty primary color wheel will be available at the Science Center.
Procedures: Children will fill the egg crate cups half full with water. They will place a few drops of each of the primary colors in the first three cups. This data will already be recorded on their color wheel graph. In another cup they will mix the first two cups: red and yellow to graph the results with a matching crayon. They will do the same with yellow and blue, then red and blue.