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#694. The Mitten Curriculum Web

other, level: Elementary
Posted Sun Nov 8 18:40:17 PST 1998 by Sara I. Register (
Northern Az University, Flagstaff, Arizona
Materials Required: See List
Activity Time: 1 Week est.
Concepts Taught: Art, Music, Play, Drama, Math, and Science

Center: Art
Objective(s): Child will cut (fine motor) to create (cognitive) The Mitten character masks.
Materials: At the art center there will be a variety of colored felt materials, scissors, markers, and The Mitten Character Masks downloaded from Jan Brett's Homepage.
Procedures: Children will be able to decorate the mask downloaded from Jan Brett's Homepage anyway they like.

Center: Drama
Objective(s): Children will act (cognitive) out the roles of the characters in The Mitten by Jan Brett. They will express (emotion) what the animals felt when a new animal approached their mitten.
Materials: The Drama Center will have free choice for the children to create each role of the animals in The Mitten by Jan Brett. The book will be provided for reference. Masks from art will be used if desired.
Procedures: Children will choose to perform the characters of choice in The Mitten by Jan Brett to express how they felt when the new animal came to get into the mitten. They will use their personally designed art masks is chosen.

Center: Play
Objective: The Play Center will be open for children to play (cognitive, social, emotional, physical) with themes based on winter cold, cold habitat animals, and things related to Winter events.
Materials: The Play Center will have boxes for homes, rugs to use as fur, chairs and sheets to build shelter with. There will be winter play clothes also.
Procedures: There will not be specific procedures for this Play Center. The children will chose how they want to create their own winter play settings as people or animals in winter habitats.

Center: Music
Objective(s): Children will listen (cognitive) to musical songs about many animals that live in cold weather. The will read (cognitive) stories that assist the music.
Materials: At the Music Center there will be reading books with musical recordings pertaining to the books about animals and winter habitats.
Procedures: Children will become familiar with life styles and habitats of variety of cold weather animals.

Center: Big Book
Objective(s): Children will be able to work together (social) in groups to recreate (cognitive) their version of The Mitten using animals of their choice or the animals in the book.
Materials: The Big Book Center will have a variety of butcher paper, markers, crayons, and pencils.
Procedures: Children will work together to recreate the story The Mitten by Jan Brett, or create their own idea of what the story should be like. The Books will be used in the Big Book Center and Library Centers.

Center: Science
Objective(s): Children will get to know habitat that involve snow, ice, and cold regions when they build (aesthetic, physical, cognitive) dioramas for a variety of habitats related to The Mitten By Jan Brett.
Materials: The Science Center will have small boxes, books about habitats that involved snow, ice, and cold regions, tissue paper of a variety of colors, pipe cleaners, crayons, markers, glue, and scissors.
Procedures: Children will read about the habitats they create. They will use the materials and work together to create the habitat in The Mitten by Jan Brett and other cold weather habitats.