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Subject: other

#696. Mi paํs

other, level: Senior
Posted Tue Nov 10 13:07:40 PST 1998 by Penny Roadley (
Westwood Collegiate, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Materials Required: Internet access
Activity Time: a minimum of 5 one hour periods of class time
Concepts Taught: research Spanish speaking countries, present information

Mi paํs
Select a Spanish speaking country for this project. You may work individually or in pairs.

Name(s): __________________________ Country Chosen: __________________________

Part I: Prepare a report which includes the following information.

€ Country € Area € Land Use
€ Population € Finance € Production, Exports, Imports
€ Capital City € Locate on a Map € History of your country
€ Weather/Climate € Tourism € Agriculture
€ Cultural Aspect - see part II below

You may choose to present this information in any of the following formats:

€ poster € brochure
€ written report € multi-media slideshow

You must also summarize the above information on a hand-out for your classmates.

Both your report and handout should be in Spanish.

Part II: Class Workshop

Pick at least one of the following topics and investigate in detail for your project.

€ Arts
€ Dance € Cultural Celebrations
€ Handicrafts € Fashion
€ Music € Food and cuisine
€ Murals € Legends and folklore

Plan a class workshop on your chosen area.

This workshop should be in Spanish.

A class workshop may include one of the following: learning a song or dance, participating in a cultural celebration, a cooking demonstration of regional cuisine, sharing of traditional folklore, demonstrating a regional craft, etc. Students should be actively participating in this workshop.

Report Due Date: December 5th, 1997 Workshop Date: ____________________

A detailed list of supplies needed for your workshop must be submitted to
Mrs. Roadley one week prior to your workshop date.


Part I: Report

Research (25 marks)
€ accurate, current, complete
€ easy to understand
€ well organized, neatly done
€ diagram, map, pictures

Handout (10 marks)
€ easy to read, point form, typed, well organized,

Bibliography (5 marks)
€ minimum 3 sources
€ proper format, separate sheet

Spanish - written (10 marks)
€ spelling, grammar
€ fluency

Part II: Workshop

Content (25 marks)
€ directions easy to understand
€ interesting, relevant
€ well organized

Spanish - oral (25 marks)
€ grammar
€ pronunciation
€ fluency

Total /100